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Asian Eyelid (Double Eyelid) Surgery in Vancouver

Double eyelid surgery, sometimes known as “Asian eyelid surgery”, is a procedure that creates a natural-looking upper eyelid crease by reshaping the skin around the eye. Approximately 50% of Asians naturally do not have a crease, or the crease is poorly defined in their upper eyelid. Many feel that their eyelids seem puffy or closed over, that they have a tired appearance, or it makes the eyes themselves appear very small.

In creating a crease in the eyelid, double eyelid surgery can help to make the eyes appear larger, rounder and brighter. Along with creating the crease, this procedure can also help lift drooping eyelids if needed.

Our surgeons will listen to your concerns and work with you to create a surgical plan that will address your unique needs.

The Surgical Experience

Eyelid surgery is performed under local anaesthesia with mild sedation as an outpatient procedure in an accredited surgical facility. It generally takes up to 2 hours for both the upper and lower eyelids to be addressed. Following surgery, the area around the eyes will be bruised and swollen. Patients should apply ice packs, keep their heads elevated, and apply medicated eye ointment for a few days. Subtle, yet dramatic results restore a softer, more youthful appearance.


The cost for eyelid surgery varies for each patient and will fluctuate depending on whether both the upper and lower eyelids were addressed.

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