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Neck Lift Surgery in Vancouver

Some individuals experience stubborn and persistent fat deposits under the chin and along the jawline that can be unrelated to bodyweight and instead be the result of an unfortunate genetic tendency to store fat in this area. In these circumstances, liposuction (performed via concealed 3 mm incisions) can be an excellent way to target the fatty tissue resulting in a slimmer, more svelte neckline and contour.

With more advanced changes in the neck, there can be an excess of skin, fat as well muscular bands (platysmal bands). In this case a more comprehensive surgical procedure is indicated. A ‘neck-lift’ targets excess skin and fat as well as muscular bands via an incision located and hidden around the ear and hairline. Neck-lifts result in a much improved and more youthful neckline. Commonly, neck-lifts are performed in conjunction with a facelift that additionally targets the jowls, mouth-corners, naso-labial folds and cheeks for a comprehensive and synchronous ‘rewinding of the clock’ by 10-20 years!

The surgeons at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group will discuss with you the options that are best suited for your specific needs and requirements.


Liposuction, neck-lifts, and comprehensive face & neck-lift prices vary.

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