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Mole Removal in Vancouver

Moles are very common and can appear at any age. They can be flat or raised, and can range to skin colored to darker in appearance. In most cases, moles are benign and do not necessitate removal. However, many people find they can be an inconvenience (for example they can rub against clothing), or feel them to be aesthetically unappealing. The expertise and skills of our surgeons allow them to proficiently assess each mole, and if desired, they can safely and effectively remove them. This can typically be performed in a single office visit under local anesthesia.

Techniques used by our surgeons

Surgical Excision

The surgeon will surgically remove the entire mole (including its roots underneath the surface of the skin) and neatly suture the skin closed.

Surgical Shave

The elevated portion of the mole is shaved off in a precise manner to leave it flush with the surrounding skin, thus reducing the prominence of the raised mole. There is a small chance of recurrence of the mole with this technique as the roots are not removed, but the scar is nearly imperceptible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will moles grow back after removal?

In the majority of cases, it is highly unlikely that the mole will regrow if removed fully. In some cases, and with certain types of procedures (such as a mole shave), some of the mole cells are left behind during removal, and then the mole can regrow on the skin. A regrowing mole does not mean that it is cancerous, but to be on the safe side we would always recommend a follow-up with your Pacific Plastic Surgery Group physician. If avoiding mole regrowth is important to you, make sure you discuss your removal options with your physician. The majority of individuals choose full surgical mole removal in order to ensure that all of the mole is removed at once and to prevent recurrence.

Is mole removal painful?

Mole removal is done in minor surgery under local anesthetic (freezing medicine) which numbs the skin. The local anesthetic is injected into the skin with a very small needle and can sting while it is injected. Once the skin is frozen, occasionally you can feel pressure but not pain. We also have the option of using Pronox (laughing gas). Although this shouldnt be needed to manage discomfort, it can help with relieving anxiety.

What happens if I remove my mole?

If you remove the mole yourself it can lead to bleeding, scarring or even infection. It is always best to see a qualified Physician to ensure you have the best results possible. When a mole is removed surgically, you trade the spot for a straight line scar that is just longer than the original mole. Our experienced board-certified Plastic Surgeons will carefully assess the area and create a plan to use the smallest incision possible and, where able, hide the scar in naturally occurring folds in your skin. At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group we routinely send all samples to pathology so we can be sure that there were no cancerous cells present, so you have total peace of mind.

How much does it cost to remove one mole?

Prices vary depending on the size, location and complexity of each mole. With a brief conversation with one of our friendly team members, and answering a few simple questions, we can usually provide an estimate of cost over the phone.

When should a mole be removed?

If you do not like the appearance of the mole, find it distracting or unattractive, the mole is raised and affects shaving or if the mole rubs against clothing or jewelry leading to discomfort or bleeding.

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