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This young lady had developed a keyloid scar after thyroid surgery. Dr Roller removed the scar surgically during an office procedure. The photos were taken 3 weeks after surgery.

Our patient had developed a keyloid scar on their face which had not improved after steroid injection at another clinic. Dr Roller excised the raised and bumpy scar replacing it with a smaller, smoother scar which will continue to reduce and fade over the following 12-18 months.

This patient had a sebaceous cyst for approximately 2 years which had repeatedly flared up and been treated with antibiotics and drainage, however, she wished the cyst to be removed. Dr Roller excised the cyst and closed with dissolving sutures.

Our patient had a lipoma for several years which bothered her. She opted for surgical excision with Dr Roller.

Our patient had several lumpy growths which had developed and grown over an eight year period. Although benign he opted for surgical removal. Dr Roller excised the lipoma and closed with disolving sutures.

The large lipoma had been present on this person’s back for many years and wasn’t growing significantly. This 6cm x 5cm lipoma was excised by Dr Roller and the incision was closed with disolving sutures.

The lipoma on this patient’s back bothered her significantly when working out and she opted for surgical removal. Dr Roller excised this large 7cm x 4cm lipoma and photos were taken at the 3month follow-up.

This lovely patient had 3 large pilar cysts on their scalp which had been present for several years but were problematic when shaving. Dr. Roller excised the cysts and closed the skin with dissolving sutures.